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Nike air Griffey Max 1 also launched a new color, the color with monotone black or grey combination, mainly in black leather with grey coat of paint is the vamp is mainly characterized by, supplemented by package transparent air max black and gray. The ankle is a huge magic stick. It is reported that this shoe will be landing in September 12th with the foreign language version of attention more sneakers related information, as in the slam dunk, welcomed the public subscription number, micro channel search DUNKHOME and subscribe to the surprise and daily guess shoes to play the game, beauty and your various interactive Oh! Micro-blog search dunk home, understand the latest information. source: solecollectorSome well-known shoes enterprises in the south to operate chain Monopoly and success, and in the north, this sales model, such as "South Orange, North orange," the same, because the market is not the same soil, will change. Some well-known brands have to operate this model failed, therefore, the terminal is to form the Northeast retail agency franchisee, shopping malls and shoes, in the northeast, big and small shoes and shoes this model not only too many to count, to take care of the Northeast consumer diversity, such as personalized loving, loving style shoes. To moderate price. The key success factor is the northeast industry "development and channels", "the two key factors fu'erkang" is biting, in recent years, the "Falcon" not only to the northeast for development, at the same time to meet the rapid supply of Northeast regional distribution, grasp the market information in a timely manner, the p air jordan 11 space jam for sale roduct style is also abundant than others, reduce intermediate links other manufacturers to imitate the development, make full preparations for the win-win vendor. fu'erkang shoes of Northeast China successfully become Wenzhou shoe brand to create a regional demonstration case. (editor in chief: admin) according to customs statistics, January to November this year, bilateral trade amounted to $307 billion 820 million, compared with the same period last year (below) increased 11.6%, the growth rate down 3.9 percentage points lower than the same period, China's overall foreign trade growth rate of 9.3 percentage points, accounting for the same period of China's foreign trade volume 12.9%. Among them, China's exports to the U.S. $233 billion 90 million, an increase of 9.6%, the growth rate down 5.6 percentage points lower than the same period, China's overall export growth rate of 9.7 percentage points; 18.5% increase in imports from the U.S. $74 billion 730 million, an increase of 1.6 percentage points. China in 2008 from January to November in trade with the United States the main features are as follows: (1) the growth of the surplus has been curbed by the subprime mortgage crisis and the appreciation of the rmb. From January to November, China to the United States trade surplus of $158 billion 360 million, an increase of 5.8%, higher than the same period last year to expand to $8 billion 700 million, an increase of 8.6 percentage points lower than the same period last year, 61.9% of the total size of China's trade surplus for the same period. 1; Sino US trade surplus mainly from pr jordans on sale mens ocessing trade. 1-11 months, the processing trade surplus reached 120 billion 670 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 3.7%, accounting for 76.2% of the total trade surplus in the United States over the same period. Under the general trade surplus reached 43 billion 280 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 5.7%. 2; foreign investment enterprises are the subject of Sino US trade surplus. 1-11 months, foreign-invested enterprises to achieve a surplus of $113 billion 40 million, an increase of 3.7%, accounted for 71.4% of the total trade surplus of the United States; private enterprises to achieve a trade surplus of $26 billion 830 million, an increase of 21.7%; state-owned enterprises to achieve a trade surplus of $12 billion 400 million, down 4.7%. 3; mechanical and electrical products are the main products to achieve surplus. From January to November, China's mechanical and electrical products for the U.S. trade surplus of $105 billion 150 million, an increase of 7.4%, accounted for 66.4% of the total trade surplus with the us. (two) the export growth rate of processing trade has dropped, and the general trade import has increased rapidly. 1-11 months, Sino US bilateral trade in processing trade import and export volume of 157 billion 430 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 5.2%, down 7.4 percentage points, accounting for 51.1% of Sino US bilateral trade in the same period. Among them, exports of 139 billion 50 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 4.6%, down 8.6 percentage points; imports of 18 billion 380 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 10.2%. Over the same period, imports and exports Cheap air jordans for sale under general trade amounted to $128 billion 620 million, an increaseby Ian Paley led by the London Fashion name Garbstore, in the 2013 quarter of winter and autumn has invited the sports brand Reebok, hand in hand to launch "Outside In" joint planning, this time also lead to bring preview. The series covers a variety of classic Reebok Classics's profile, in the design of the continuation of Garbstore has always insisted on the simple Vintage means, selection of high quality suede and lightweight breathable mesh fabric, by splicing different tones or words full of embellishment sketched out a new look and new. Garbstore x Reebok 2013 winter and autumn Outside In joint series includes a total of 5 pairs of shoes, each will also have 2 colors to choose from, where we look forward to its official release date! source: comments on A: Vans 2013 Chima Chima Pro autumn Ferguson signature series shoes next: Vans Sk8-Hi "Leopard" leopard color shoes fashion shoes brand Cipher Life Style to the leisure life aesthetics as the design concept, the designer Collin Thompson specializes in the use of various materials, including leather, nylon and leather, and can be seen in color selection is also very bold. The new wave is about to land in Taiwan, and interested friends can keep track of our future reports. , [page], subtitle, #e#, [page], subtitle, #e#, [page], subtitle, #e#, Italy official designation, Adidas Etrusco Black / gold remodeling brilliant Nexus VII x Timberland combine classic high quality boots review last article: Italy official designation, Adidas Etrusco Black / gold remodeling brilliant n jordan 3 katrina 2018 ext article: Nexus VII x Timberland combine classic high quality boots Nike, new shoes, Air 180, ND, "Grape", grape, color, jogging shoes. The shoes are one of the Nike fall series of 2010. The new jogging shoes feature a black upper with a contrasting blue hook and purple heel, which is one of the best matches for those who like jogging. [page] subtitle #e# Nike Air 180 ND "Grape" jogging shoes, early summer will lose popularity Rome shoes review on an article: Nike Air 180 ND "Grape" jogging shoes next article: early summer will defeat popular Rome shoes knitting addiction weaving process appeared in the new design of the major brands, and even such a fire, the ancient weaving craftsmen estimated not expected. The day before the sports brand Nike Fingertrap Max color design training shoes added two Premium level, with woven leather shoes which cover, using Dynamic advanced Fit system to enhance the stability of the shoe body. While using the same internal tone inside nylon boots, equipped with visual Max Air as the sole unit and rubber sole. Do you want to have some knitting shoes this summer? -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- Kan ye Mighty! 90 dollars straight white T-shirt again pit money pedestria slay with high imitation visvim Tips said. good voice in China or good fashion in China? Take a good voice, mentor, Na Ying's fashion styling, favorite sports car / chowhound to Shawn Yue's love of Hongkong roadside stalls save your boyfriend, don't take pictures to travel Raiders tide - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Cheap jordans online The rainy season necessary tide boots! can this light bulb plug in a computer? , magnetic lime, Nike, Roshe, Run, Natural, Motion, new color, Adidas, Originals, ZX, Weave, Flux, new colorsadiPower Howard, the new boots Howard next season, in fact, from the appearance we can see that it is the evolution of the Superbeast version, the use of SprintSkin has reached the upper lightweight and breathable, the use of ALIVE in the bottom of the shock + double Z-Torsion shock. Adidas adiPower is the same as Adidas adiZero Rose 2, only 12.4 ounces (351 grams). AdiPower Howard this time to launch 5 colors, from the color point of view, are very low-key color, but for Howard such individual players, shoes on the stunt a little less. custom big Revive is very good at launch of the classic series of shoe type What The One ", following the 2009 launch of the Air Jordan 1" Nike Air Trainer 1 What The One "and launched in 2010; 'What The One', this time again launched a classic Nike Max 1 Air" What The One "Custom New this shoe body, with colorful materials and designs reproduced since Max 1 since the launch of the Nike Air all the classic colors, heel Safari and Elephant respectively on the collocation of decoration materials, leather lining, more luxurious texture, two tongue tag respectively to the flag of the United States and the Revive LOGO brand has two pairs of shoes. The only thing is white in the bottom of a red black and white rubber outsole. It's only a pair of shoes with a size of 10.5 yards, so it completely caters to the "sole" theme of shoes. 2012-8-14 09:04 upload and download attachments (114.9 KB) 2012-8-14 09:05 upload download attachment (112.34, KB) 2012-8-14 09:05 upload download attachment (225.1, KB) 2012-8-14 09:05 upload download attachment (103.46, KB) 2012-8-14 09:05 upload download attachment (100.28, KB) 2012-8-14 09:05 upload download attachment (104.5, KB) since Lunar technology available, with comfortable foot feeling was welcomed by consumers, and most recently, Nike is also more and more love will be casual shoes with the combination of science and technology, such as Woven Chukka and Rejuven Lunar sole 8 Mid. A Nike Lunar Orbit+ will be on sale next spring. The shoe upper is equipped with three layers of mesh, and the laces are asymmetrically designed. The geometry of the upper part of the shoe is also well aligned with the aerodynamics principle. The running shoes tend to life, details are in place, is expected in the spring of 2011, this Lunar Orbit+ will also be listed, and provides a rich color, like friends can pay attention to. Nike SB latest release of a new design style Zoom FP. Shoes with a very simple style of refining design, the overall design sense in order to pursue high functionality for its practical appeal. The overall use of Nike SB has been a highly successful element of the year. The shoe has a very solid filling, and with increased protection followed by the elastic band, uppers of lightweight materials, also equipped with some fixed Zoom Air configuration, and this is the most lightweight shoes allegedly world skateboard shoes. This Zoom FP will be officially launched in the near future in the global Nike SB stores, like friends may have to pay more attention.whether you realize it or not, but this year only 1/4 of the time for you to wave ~ smart Jordan Brand, has been released for sale next year, 2017 looks really is air jordan 4, ~ 6 year. so, really poor not good you can't stop it, these are your flirtatious engraved active up, look at what today, determined, and may offer AJ4 and AJ6 next year, to empty your ~ ... # Air Jordan 4 "Black Cat #" Michael Jordan fan, will not forget when the Chicago bulls players, Jordan Bryant nicknamed "Black Cat"! you 2006 for the first time sale, William Chan icon shoe Essential Cream a little white tongue is the only Jumpman Logo (the portion of the show is not complete, please pay attention to the public: "dress collocation techniques" & nbsp; access) you has confirmed the 2014 engraved results, then no, has been pushed up to 4000 + RMB, the market only a few yards waited so long, fast return next year! ~ you ... # Air Jordan 4 & quot Pure; Money& quot; #Of course, there is a white cat black cat after ! 's last appearance in 2006, and to celebrate the 25th anniversary aj4, is currently rare code number has risen to 5000+, RMB, 2017, "Pure Money" really want to come! you white shoes, silver metal details, naked seduce "white shoe" patients, Xiaobian have to start saving money into this pair! you In addition to AJ 4 "Pure Money" following the 2006 again after the sale, AJ7 and AJ with the theme of the 13, will be the first commercially available! you ... # Air Jordan 4 "Motorsports" # to MJ motorcycle team as the theme, was originally born in 2006, 2015 was said to be blowing on believe that in the past period of time, Air Jordan XII gathers many popular attention, one in October to "Bordeaux" with the same strong color. The first printed into the eye is a sign of the Air Jordan XII security shoes, fashion sense. The material selection of suede leather binding common shape, color Burgundy achievements of the main bearing of the new color, with rubber sole presenting, reflecting the significant high-end temperament. The details, litchi shoes side has clearly identified, with the silver shoe buckle overall delicate flavor. It is reported that the Air Jordan XII "Bordeaux" will be officially launched in October this year, interested friends please pay attention to the official website for more information. Air Jordan Wine wine collection wine mastermind Japan Masaaki Homma presided over by Japanese street fashion brand mastermind Japan, one of the representative figures in the world of the trend of Hong Kong Jan lamb personal interpretation of the 2016 summer series lookbook. this season design without the use of the old large skull designs, but in character design primarily, and clothing buttons, zipper buckle details on adding a skull pattern, showing a brand low-key style. Jan lamb is the mastermind Japan simple black, white two color text T-shirt, tie-in Khaki suede variation version denim jacket suite, army green short chapter embroidered coat, red hit black checkered hoodies, etc., then take SUICOKE joint sandals in the and leather shoes, Jan lamb's on the other side! All the clothing mastermind JAPAN this season has been on sale in mastermind JAPAN MMJ MACAU. source: HYPEBEAST